How to replace lawn mower blades?

PublishTime: 2019-10-08 20:07:54

Attention: Always wear thick gloves when changing the blade of your lawn mower to prevent injury!


Remove the blade

1.Reserve the disc cutter and unfasten lead of ignition plug

2.Open the fuel valve and drain the fuel from the carburetor

3.Let the lawn mower lean to the right ,upturn the carburetor

4.Fix the disc cutter ,loosen the nut, remove bolts and blades

Install the blade

5.Remove the blade and blade bearing

6.Clean up the mess inside the lawn mower

7.Install the blade bearing ,blade,blade bolt

8.Keep a firm grip on the blade,making sure it touches the thrust surface of the blade

10 (4).png   10 (5).png

Fix the disc cutter ,loosen the nut, remove bolts and blades, remove the blade and blade bearing.

10 (6).png   10 (1).png

After removing the metal cover, you can see that there is a metal gasket below. Then remove the thicker metal gasket.

10 (2).png  10 (3).png

Put the blade to be replaced on the spindle, then put the newly removed parts to tighten the head back in reverse order, and finally tighten the screws.