Types of lawn mower?

PublishTime: 2019-09-29 18:41:25

According to different classification standards, lawn mower can be divided into the following:

1, according to the way of moving can be divided into towing type, after the implementation type, mount type, tractor suspension type.

2, according to the power drive mode can be divided into human and animal drive, engine drive, electric drive, solar drive.

3, according to the way of cutting grass can be divided into hob type, rotary type, side hanging type, swing type.

4, according to the requirements of cutting grass can be divided into flat type, type, cut the top.


According to the lawnmower drive way to divide: can be divided into manual lawnmower and hydraulic driven lawnmower two categories:

1, hand pushed lawn mower with hand pushed the height of the lawn mower is fixed, so there is no need to artificially control the height, and low power, noise, exquisite appearance beautiful.Manual operation can be greatly reduced and is now widely used.

2, hydraulic drive lawn mower manual hydraulic motor, the rear wheel drive of the hydraulic lawn mower is mainly driven by the hydraulic motor, simple operation, to achieve zero turn, in the commercial along with the lawn mower and riding lawn mower have been a large number of applications.With good maneuverability and power characteristics, mainly used for general operations.
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          hand pushed lawn mower                                hydraulic drive lawn mower